The AIP team offers a unique combination of analytical and creative skills to modernize how UW-Madison does business.

We are AIP

Administration Innovation and Planning (AIP) is focused on modernizing how work gets done at UW-Madison, starting with the Administrative Transformation Program and transition to Workday. We are a team of innovative professionals who can assess current business practices and suggest customized improvements with input from employees in your school, college, or division.

We do this work so faculty and staff can spend more time teaching, doing research, serving students, and advancing the university’s mission in other ways.

Long-term, our work will include reviewing a variety of business practices across campus to make tasks easier and more efficient, making sure tasks align with and reinforce the university’s goals, and working with other UW-Madison colleagues to improve service delivery and the experience of administrative staff.

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Our Purpose

AIP partners with colleagues across UW–Madison as we navigate the ever-changing higher education environment by:

  • Leading people-first innovation,
  • Promoting data-informed decision-making and continuous improvement, and
  • Enabling greater focus on core responsibilities by identifying solutions that increase administrative ease and efficiency.

People-first innovation

Our approach starts with listening to your team’s unique needs and circumstances. We incorporate your input and feedback throughout the problem-solving process, including in brainstorming, building prototypes, testing ideas, and implementing solutions.

Data-informed decisions

With data collected from your team or elsewhere on campus, we can identify areas for improvement and then demonstrate progress over time. Data helps us know which changes benefit your team and which ones need more tweaking to help you reach your goals and focus on your mission.

Administrative ease and efficiency

When administrative tasks can be done easily and efficiently, your team may have more time and resources for mission-critical activities like teaching, research, outreach, and supporting students. Modernized business practices are needed to support innovative knowledge and life-changing discovery.